Power Grow Comb

Power Grow Comb

Extra Details: Power Grow Comb - Stop Hair Loss Power Grow Laser Comb  1 Set air loss worries? Worry no more as the most cutting-edge...

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Extra Details:
Power Grow Comb - Stop Hair Loss Power Grow Laser Comb 
1 Set
air loss worries? Worry no more as the most cutting-edge hair growth technology is here, the Power Grow Comb. This breakthrough system has been proven to produce hair growth in a way never seen in the past. It’s so good and it’s been proclaimed the latest advancement because it actually promotes the appearance of new hair follicles with new hair growth!

The Power Grow Comb is powered by low-level light and laser therapy, so energy is delivered to the hair follicle, increasing circulation within your scalp. This causes a stimulation and revitalization of the individual dormant follicles and a general return of hair growth.
The Power Grow Comb is like a hair clinic in the palm of your hand. It’s a miniaturized but equally effective version of professional laser units that cost thousands of dollars.
It also features a vibration mode. This feels like a comfortable scalp massage and increases circulation and blood flow to help accelerate the hair-growth process.
Direction of Use
-Use the Power Grow Comb without applying any gel or cream
-Use it for 10-15 minute on alternate day. Results will be visible in 8-12 weeks (approximately)
-Please use the unit slowly around your head in the direction of hair growth, from front to back and bottom to top
Purchase now and u will also get a professional hair brush as well as a personal hand massager to augment your scalp regimen while taking a shower. And that's not all! We’ll also give you a special travelling manicure kit to make your travelling more convenient.
Buy the Power Grow Comb once and that’s it! No continuous hair-transplant sessions. No prescriptions. No side effects. No on-going costs. One simple easy payment and just sit back and see how much your life will change.
Product Features:
Great power grow laser comb bit
Increase blood circulation to improves hair growth and stops hair loss
Makes hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier
Easy to use and can be used wherever and whenever you choose
7 Red 660 Nanometer Energy Diodes stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles
7 Blue 470 Nanometer Energy Diodes regenerates surface of the hair follicle
High precision laser beam window nourishes the root of the hair
With Bio Stimulating Vibration Technology to boost circulation and increase blood flow
Suitable for both men and women
Power grow comb powered by 4 x AAA battery (not included)
Size of power grow comb: 235 x 45 x 40mm/ 9.25 x 1.77 x 1.57in (L x W x T)
Size of hair brush: 240 x 68 x 35mm/ 9.45 x 2.68 x 1.38in (L x W x T)
Size of massage comb: 68 x 26 x 30mm/ 2.68 x 1.02 x 1.18in
Size of manicure set: 168 x 105 x 30mm/ 6.61 x 4.13 x 1.18in (L x W )
Set Includes:
1 x Power Grow Comb
1 x Massage Comb
1 x Manicure Set
1 x Hair Brush
1 x Instruction Manual