How to purchase

How to purchase!

Add to cart

The order process starts as soon as you select products and add them to a shopping cart. A cart (basket) will be created and saved in the system.

Start checkout

When the customer decides to complete the purchase and chose to "proceed to checkout", the first step of the checkout procedure is initiated.

Shipping address and contact details

The shipping address and contact details are added with the preferred type of delivery. The address information can be entered manually or automatically if the customer is logged in and has a registered user profile with address information.

Add payment

The payment is added to the "purchase order to be". The system will calculate the total sum including the purchase amount and the shipping fee. In this step the customer selects a payment method, for instance by credit card, EFT, bank deposit. The payment will be registered and verified.

Order created

The purchase order is created in the system when the payment is processed. In the last checkout step, an order number is created, the customer confirms the purchase, and an order confirmation is sent to the customer. The shopping cart is now converted into a purchase order.

Order processing

When the order is created, the order processing starts. This consists of steps to check the warehouse and inventory status for the products in the order, and for creating the actual shipment.

Shipment released 

When the shipment is verified, it will be released. The purchase order will now appear under orders, and ready for the pick list.

Add to packing list

This step involves the addition of the shipping items to a pick list. The pick list is the list that the warehouse will use to create the physical shipping of the products in the order. This step will also produce a packing slip, which is the paper slip that will be attached to the physical package to be shipped.

 Order completed/shipped

When the pick lists with the different orders and their respective packing slips have been created, the order will be set to completed. In the system this involves the creation of a shipment validation number which is associated with tracking number. The tracking number connects the physical package with the shipping provider for the delivery, and is used for tracking the package on its way to the delivery address.


Only completed orders can be subject to returns/exchanges. Creating a return usually involves replacing a delivered product with another one in exchange, and/or a payment refund.



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