Tips for your Black Friday Trip

6 Tips for your Black Friday Trip

It’s that time of year again....that dark and wonderful day of online shopping…

You guessed it…. BLACK FRIDAY…or as many experts call it….. “push your way through no matter what and get that first” DAY

Now we all know the stresses that come with this day and the tons of deals flying from almost every direction wanting you to BUY ME, TAKE ME, CHOOSE ME, PICK ME, I'M THE ONE!!!

We decided to help decongest your brain and keep your eye on the prize with some cheats and get the best deals for your pocket this Black Friday.

  1. The early bird catches the best worm

Most retailers begin advertising way in advance, so pick the ones you want to target, make a list and stick to it…..did we mention that this goes all the way till Cyber Monday? does, so keep focused and don’t forget to add Perfect Dealz to your list.

  1. Discounts, Coupons, Store Credit and Loyalty Points!!!

So throughout the year, you have been collecting points,  coupons, getting store credits and being offered discounts (tip 1.1) , the stores that have given you store credit and you have loyalty points with should be first on your list, but fret not, most will be blowing up your phone to try get at you first…..again, keep cool stay focused.

  1. Social Media Streets

Social media will be abuzz with excitement, chirps and faces and instant delight.  Are you following Perfect Dealz to get the scoop on your Black Friday deals?

Your friends and family will also be doing the most to share and mention you in great Black Friday specials, so keep social….. just make sure the boss doesn’t see

  1. Budget is KING

We tend to get caught up in the moment and make all types of dis-financial decisions on this day…so stick to your budget. Fight the urge to be sky jumping without a parachute.

  1. Police the Policies

Some deals may be strict on a return of some items, so make sure you buy knowing what you getting yourself into. Some retailers may offer extended  or limit the return period for items bought on Black Friday. Just make sure you know what they know by being in the know.  Make sure you are not on the “no fly” list with the returns department because you had abused the returns…this could be an issue for you. However, fret not, you probably will be under the radar because of the Black Friday craze.

  1. Protect Thyself

With the huge discounts available and limited quantities on premium products such as televisions and laptops, a lot of people are going to be disappointed as they are going to miss out. For this reason, some people get a little crazy and act different and a bit more aggressive than they usually do, so if you are doing online, remain online. If you are running the streets, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and keep safe.

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